5th SUBollywood Trip! Wow!

It is hard to believe that this is going to be our 5th SUBollywood trip. When I first came up with the idea and put it into action in 2008, I had hoped that it would be successful but never did I imagine that it would be become a regular trip. THANK YOU to all who have made it possible, especially SU Abroad at Syracuse University, the Newhouse School and our collaborator, partner and host Whistling Woods International.

Although I am initially accompanying the students to India, I am sadly unable to lead the trip myself because of unavoidable circumstances. However, we are extremely lucky to have photographer/actor Mark Bennington as the group leader for the fabulous and unique 12 students on this trip.

This 5th trip has also been reimagined and is not an internship trip but a three weeks, hands-on production course that offers an intensive experience in Bollywood (popular Hindi cinema from Mumbai, India). Students will be introduced to the history, aesthetics, language, business, and process of filmmaking in India, and incorporate these in their own media projects. The session will conclude with a trip to the Taj Mahal in Agra.

We hope you follow us and enjoy the ride!



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