En Route To Another Narnia

How does one begin? What I’m feeling right now can only be described by this:

Electro Bollywood music. Tingling, shimmying, jumping, shaking hips, vibrating insides. I cannot effectively describe how excited I am for embarking on such an unpredictable adventure and journey tomorrow. Everything feels surreal, while my imagination predicts stories of the ages. All that I expect out of the trip is to immerse myself in the culture, make new friends (or siblings) that will last a lifetime, and live and breathe my heart out in India.

Ever since my first visit to India, I knew I had to come back. Previously enchanted by the Himalayas and Tibetan refugees, round two of India will definitely be a change. Excitement does not even begin to describe how I feel. I can’t wait to live and become one with the culture, to henna my entire hands and feet, to hail down a rickshaw, to dance, to capture every piece of beauty, and to live!  I could not have asked for a better time to go on round two of India. This year has been a crazy one but life is starting to fall into place and be a jambalaya of exploration and discovery.

Bollywood embodies a new world. Tomorrow is the beginning of a journey to a place similar to Narnia, where the body and Earth become one and where emotions mix into a masala of color, shapes, and movement.

I’m leaving this little bubble of Arlington, Virginia with no expectations but to come back with three weeks full of smiles and memories.

Let this crazy adventure commence!


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