Sick and Ready to Go

It’s 3am and I have almost finished packing. This comes four hours before I am scheduled to make my way from Syracuse to Philly for the first leg of my journey. Even though this trip is so close, it still does not seem real to me. Sure, I know that I booked my flights, my visa application was approved, and that my Indian internship is coming up fast. Instead of thinking about it like a flight around the world and a life changing experience it feels no more serious than a trip down to the Sun Shine State. This could be a coping mechanism or I might just need sleep.

My larger point of this poorly organized first blog is that my departure for this trip happens to overlap with a summer cold. This past week has been a combination of trying to get this cough under control and making sure I leave prepared enough. If I can rid myself of this cold before takeoff tonight I will be very pleased. Maybe the Indian weather will make me feel better.


I’ll leave you with my favorite Bollywood song. It has been done three different times and I enjoy the third one the most.


This is the original


And this is the second one.


3 thoughts on “Sick and Ready to Go

  1. Nathan, sorry it didn’t work out for me to bring Justin over before you left. I hope you get well soon, please be safe and above all else have an amazing experience on the other side of the Earth!! Don’t forget to take a lot of great photos so we can see what you will be seeing 🙂 Much love – Uncle Alan P.S. – Loved that first video you posted here!


  2. Happy safe journey, Nathan. My thoughts are with you.Sorry I didn’t see you before you left. Have fun, stay safe and learn all you can for me to hear about.Dont look for the beach. Love, Grandma


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