To Shoot, or Not to Shoot

India will be a great test of my abilities in more than one regard.

Last Night wasn’t as hectic as I would have imagined. Having bought the necessary essentials (bug spray, sandals, baby wipes…) a day prior, aside from packing, my only major concern was what equipment to bring.

As a freelance videographer and media consultant, I’m pretty use to traveling domestically with professional gear, both independently and by request of employer. However, this is my first time leaving the country. I’m generally a pretty optimistic person and having purchased the majority of my equipment with my own finances, I consider myself to be “smart” about choosing the environments to which I feel comfortable using my cameras. My parents, on the other hand, were somewhat nervous – wanting me to only take the most disposable assortments of image capturing tools. After spending a few hours on youtube and reading articles by videographers such as Philip Bloom, I had a pretty good idea of what I should bring. The icing on the cake came from a good friend and established Photographer. Upon telling him my worries of safety and logistics, he frankly told me ‘don’t be a punk – take what you need’.

I’m a firm believer in the idea that the best camera being the one you have on you. But if you have access to superior equipment, why not bring it along? The threat of theft and abuse is present wherever you go. But as a photographer/ videographer, I refuse to let this be the crutch and an excuse for not capturing poignant moments. I just have to be smart and mindful of the environment and keep the camera with me at all times… I’m up for the challenge.

The other test comes in the form of assimilation. This Past school year, I made the decision to start pursuing a minor in Hindi. Thus far I have taken the first two courses in the sequence and in the process of pursuing a Hindi Minor. The language is relatively challenging but it has given me perspective to understand and draw bridges not just through language but also through custom. With a passion for media storytelling – The Bollywood program seemed like a no brainer. I am extremely grateful for this experience and plan to harvest & nurture every opportunity presented & obtained. Image



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