We’re finally in India.

It seemed like it would never happen, like all the hard work and preparation for this trip would be for nothing. That’s the type of feeling you get when you’re running through the airport, knocking people over with your luggage. “I’m sorry, thank you, I’m sorry, my flight is leaving!” I must have said that phrase around thirty times before I actually got to the gate, and found that everyone was still waiting for the plane.

“You do realize how late you are.” Said the catty supervisor at the check-in desk, smacking his lips and raising his eyebrows, after he finally agreed to let me check in for the flight.
“Yes sir, never in my life have I done this, but my train was delayed, I’m sorry.” It seems like I’m always apologizing. What am I apologizing for? Was it my fault that the police decided to hijack the train’s railways for God knows what reason? No, but still, I was grateful that I would make my flight, so I was not disturbed by his tone or his attitude. In that moment, he had been sent by God himself.

When I finally got on the plane, I was surrounded by the friends that would accompany me on this trip, all gleaming with excitement, but me, I was holding back tears. It had been a very stressful day, and I had not had the time to even consider that I was going on a trip that would take me to the other side of the world. It was also a sad day, when my boyfriend sent me off at the train station and we kept coming back to each other for one more kiss. I won’t see him for three months, even though I’ve been basically living with him for a while now. I’ve grown so accustomed to having my partner always by my side that it will be difficult to get used to being by myself again.
I’ll miss the lake-side fishing at his house, the loving dogs, and the wonderful air of the country side.

alt text here

I’ll miss you, babe, but I’ll get you something nice in India.

I’m ready to experience everything.

Veronica Ortiz


One thought on “Finally…

  1. Thank you for going on this trip and taking me, and everyone else enjoying your blog, with you! I would think that your boyfriend is very proud of you!


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