You Can’t Think It, You Have to Dream It

My first 48 hours in India have been a mix of emotions to say the least.

As soon as the plane was out of the clouds, and we were minutes from landing in India you could already smell the heat and the smog, and we weren’t even on the ground yet! I think the hardest things for me to adjust to here have been the temperature, and the smell. Of course, everything has been a bit of a culture shock, but it seems these two aspects of my trip will take me the longest to adjust to. Despite, the heat and the smell India is more than I ever could have imagined.

What has stuck out the most to me is that everyone is so nice. When I say nice I don’t mean they smile and wave. I mean everyone here goes out of their way to make us feel welcomed as foreigners – from the hotel staff to the faculty at Whistling Woods University I have never felt more welcomed than I do here in India.

On top of being so well received I am learning more than I could have ever wished to, and it’s only the third day!! I labeled my post “You can’t think it, you have to dream it” because yesterday after braving the heat for an exciting day of shopping at Lokhandwala Market where I found the most beautiful gifts to bring back for my family, we headed over to Aram Nagar in Versova where we met line producer Harish Amin (His most recognizable film in the states is probably Life of Pi). Mark (as in Mark  Bennington the amazing photographer we are lucky enough to have as our chaperon while in India)  asked him to give us piece of advice that he thought was the most important thing to know as budding television and film professionals, and he told us that we can’t think our ideas, we have to dream them. This really stuck out to me, and I will remember it forever. I guess I have always had this philosophy about my own projects, but I have never really been able to put this feeling into words. In just one sentence Harish Amin verbalized something I have felt my entire life, and even if the next three weeks in India are horrible (I know they won’t be) I am thankful to have this memory to keep on inspiring me for the rest of my life.


Unknown     IMG_2457  (Harish Amin and Mark)  IMG_3492  (Lokhandwala Market)

IMG_2482 (Our shoes outside of Tribal Route – a shop in Aram Nagar in Versova)



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