48 hours like 48 days

Not even four hours have passed

I arrived later than others because I flew from Korea. When I checked in hotel, it was around 6 a.m. As soon as I unpacked, I slept for an hour and went for a breakfast. I was not feeling to have something, but a cup of mango milkshake awakened my appetite. Indeed, mango is now a season in India, so it is available to enjoy a variety of fresh mango dishes now. After the breakfast, we headed to Whistling Woods International (WWI) where was holding an event of Indian cinema. We first watched a documentary about a history of Bollywood. Before watching it, I was merely concerned about song and dance of Indian films. However, I’ve realized that Indian films convey social and political messages behind their music and choreography. I’m looking forward to study Bollywood in depth during the rest of the course.

First night at Mumbai

At night, we went to the restaurant named Villa 69 where plays great music and serves exotic dishes. We went there by a traditional Indian vehicle called Rics. Traffic in Mumbai is very complicated, so Rics was like a roller coaster riding. During the ride, I was about to have a car sick, but it was a great fun. The restaurant played music similar to the one we heard in the documentary in WWI, and everyone couldn’t stay seated and danced on the floor with rhythmical music. While we were enjoying the food, we met a Mark’s friend Shanoo Sharma. She is one of powerful casting directors in Bollywood, and she has shared her experiences and thoughts about Bollywood. She also told us that it is important to speak up in India in order for benefits. For instance, I was having a noodle that I felt a bit spicy, and she spoke up the server to recook my dish. Therefore, I could enjoy the noodle that was not spicy at all but more delicious. It is good to meet person like Shanoo Sharma who is willing to help us to have the best experiences during the trip. We again took Rics back to hotel, and I felt a lot more comfortable with the second time riding it.

24 hours have passed

Sunday was all about shopping. We went to an Indian fashion district named Lokhandwala Market where sells lots of Indian traditional costumes. Due to endless number of shops, I was in dilemma to decide where and what to buy clothes. After two hours of visiting the shops, I eventually bought a Sari. It may seem uncomfortable to wear in hot weather because of its multiple layering. However, it is made of light cotton so it is very cool to wear despite of the weather. When I go back home, I’ll definitely wear it since it is both comfortable and stylish. If I had more money, I would have bought all the clothes on the street. After shopping, I was glad to have lunch since I had been starving. We had a lunch at the restaurant called High Point where has a variety of delicious dishes. We had Palak Paneer, a creamy baby spinach sauce with cottage cheese. It was so tasty that I couldn’t stop dipping and eating Nnaan with Palak Paneer. Also, we had a Samosa that I would describe it as a fried Indian dim sum stuffed with stir-fried vegetables. It was tastier with a sweet sauce, and the crispy texture of Samosa made me kept having it. After being full, we went to see Mark’s another friend Harish Amin. I was so excited to meet him when I heard that he is a famous line producer of contemporary Indian films. It was an honor to see him, and he gave a short but impressive speech to us. It is great to meet Mark’s friends who tell us the interesting stories about India as well as Bollywood.

What’s next?

Within 48 hours, we have had new dishes, met new people, and got new clothes. The variety of experiences in short time made me to forget about tiredness and realize that I’m now in India. I’m looking forward for unpredictable events that will be happening rest of three weeks.


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