Thanks God I’m on the trip!

Yay! I can finally be on this trip. I was about to miss the trip because I had to renew my passport and I got my Indian visa a day before the departure. I’m now on the plane so I feel relieved and thrilled to enjoy the trip.

My name is Kyung Seo Han, but everyone calls me Karoline. I’m senior and I major in Television, Radio & Films and Economics. I’m interested in both production and management, so Bollywood Practicum is a great chance to know the industry film other than Hollywood and have hands-on experiences in production. Bollywood is appealing to me because of its strong visual images. Even though I don’t know any Indian language and the movie doesn’t have subtitle, it is fun to watch Bollywood films since they have colorful costumes and rhythmical songs and dance. Thus, through Bollywood Practicum, I’m looking forward to study Bollywood in depth.

Both my concerns and expectations about this trip are food. While I was packing, my mom told me to bring some snacks or canned food just in case I have a problem with food. However, I’m not bringing any of them since the trip is only three-week long and I think it is short period to taste all the Indian dishes. I’m saying good-bye to my favorite burger and fries for a while and excited to have typical and traditional Indian food. In contrast to being a foodie and having a big appetite, I’ve been suffering from recurring indigestion since my freshman year and I’m little bit aware of Delhi belly during the trip. However, I’ve packed numerous medicines and I’m ready to experience any kind of Indian dishes.


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