Lesson # 16: Don’t Eat The Meat

One of the biggest concerns for coming to India had nothing to do with the heat or language barrier. It had to do with the food. I’m a pretty adventurous person and I’m always down to try new and exciting cuisine. However knowing that the vast majority of india is vegetarian, not having meet for an extended period of time would be pretty challenging. Mark warned me time and time again that the various chicken and lamb dishes served here would not be prepared as cleanly as in the states. But my cravings rendered his caution irrelevant.

Yesterday as we did our daily yoga routine, I felt very sluggish. The various stretches and chants felt rough. After sitting through a lecture I began to sweat. I stopped participating and simply closed my eyes hoping what ever was the matter would pass. It did not. The next experience was one of the worst of my entire life. As we began to study our bollywood dance routine for the shoot. My body pretty much shut down. I began to feel weak and got an extreme headache. One of my peers suggested I take a nap. While sleeping I began to hallucinate. The strange part was everyone in my dream was speaking Hindi. I woke up on and off sporadically. One of the instructors from the Whistling Woods staff brought me a cup of black tea which did help but still did not cure me. When I woke up the final time, I felt a little bit better but to my dismay, I had missed the entire rehearsal. I apologised to the instructor and he informed me that I could still participate and they would film around me.

Today is the big day, as I arrive on campus I see trucks full of equipment. This production will be large scale. I do not want to mess my dance steps up.

Stay Tuned


One thought on “Lesson # 16: Don’t Eat The Meat

  1. I do hope that you are feeling entirely better and I’m glad that everyone was kind to you. I’m glad that you allowed yourself to rest although that meant having to miss something important. Please update how you are and how things are going. #butdonoteatthemeat


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