After two days of practicing a popular Bollywood dance number it’s finally the day of our shoot. Well be filming at night to avoid dancing in the extreme Mumbai heat and I sure am thankful for that. The location of our shoot will be the central patio of the Whistling Woods campus, which offers beautiful natural landscapes and eye-catching architecture. With only 8 hours of Bollywood dance experience under our belts I think it’s safe to say we’re incompetent at best. If we were professional dancers there’s no doubt in my mind we would all be fired by now but luckily for us amateurs this dance is for college credit and not a paycheck. I’m more excited for the experience of being behind the scenes of an item number in the making then I am for what I can only imagine will be a hilarious B-rated outcome. Luckily I think the professionalism of the Whistling Woods film crew will make our bad dancing somewhat watchable. All we can do at this point is enjoy the experience and try our best to stay in synch during filming.


One thought on “Pre-Shooooooot

  1. I loved your humor! I am glad that you and the other students are all doing this together! What a great opportunity! Keep blogging!


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