SNAP. In the midst of all the commotion, people were snapping away, capturing every moment of preparation for the shoot. Mirror selfie to my left, costumes being thrown across the passageway, candid shot to my right, bodies filing in with paper plates of food, snapchat from a high angle, make-up clouding the room, facebook buzzing with notifications. This is expected from the next generation: a multitude of moment-sharing with the Wifi world. This Bollywood experience felt like forever and a blur but thankfully will live on in snaps, shares, .mov’s, and my memory.

The preparation for the dance shoot was both glamorous and sticky. Still getting used to the weather, the tight fitting clothing and ironed hair created an uncomfortable yet beautiful effect. Thankfully, the crew took a lesson from Honey Boo Boo and provided us with “special juice” to bump up our electrolyte and energy points. When I arrived on the set, I became enamored with the crew, crane, and aesthetics. The crew was calm and composed, having most everything organized and set out, and the crane shined in its beauty when bending back and forth to capture the perfect shot and movement. What first was the outside of Whistling Woods International transformed into a sparkling fountain of youth, graffitied city streets, and festive farm of lanterns. In the fountain of youth we shimmied like guppies, on the streets we sipped on empty coconuts, and on the farm we glimmered like goddesses under the lanterns.

During the dinner and digestion break, a couple of fellow dancers/Orangemen and I improvised rounds of rhythm and oo’s. We’re in India. Singing rounds and making memories. We’re dancing the Lungi dance in India and are working with people talented in the ever growing and mystical Bollywood industry. The Bollywood dance shoot from 6:00 at night to 3:30ish in the morning is one that I will remember forever. Cliché as that sounds, this event was definitely something different than all the rest.

Every hour feels like eternity here. After this amazing shoot, we continued on our adventures through the colorful land of Mumbai. At Juhu Beach we pranced around feeling the texture of the sand rub between our feet and sandals. The ocean is as warm as your underarms and the people who roam along it have hearts that are even warmer. One of the things that I kept asking for during the first week was ICE CREAM. Let me tell you, JUHU HAS MAD ICE CREAM DOH. Go and get it all and have a jolly good time.

Next goal: go a day only eating ice cream. #nom
This happened: dancing in a wedding on the street. #lyfe
Belly talk: falooda and chicken tikka croissants and FRESH MANGOS #nompt2
Market chillin: nighttime best time to haggle #yuppp
SPOTTED: Goats and Boar with crows on its back #tru


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