The Things That Make It All Worth While

Last semester, I took a course titled “The Human Predicament” where we studied and reflected on the nuances of the human condition. Form this course, there is one particular idea by Albert Camus that really stuck with me: “There is only one really serious philosophical question, and that is suicide.” Even though it may seem like a bleak ideal, it is actually one that invites us to embrace and accept the hardships and wonders of life, for, if you find that life is not worth living, then there is only one way out, but if you deem that life is full of wondrous opportunities, then it is up to you to make the best of it, brood or change, and accept. After this last weekend in Mumbai, I am reminded of the events that make life, at least my life, worth living.

Shooting our Bollywood song on Friday night was completely magical. Exhausting? Heck yeah! But it was only that exhaustion that slowly creeps up on you after coming out from a state of flow, a state in which one is so completely immersed and absorbed in what they are doing that there is a suspension of self-awareness and an altered perception of time. I loved it, and I enjoyed every single minute of it.

After this wonderful experience, our weekend was still not over yet. The next day, after a full twelve hours of sleep, we visited BlueFrog to experience a comedy show (my first one ever!) and it was HILARIOUS! I was very impressed by the comedians’ ability to engage all types of audiences, even when talking about very Indian things. Varun Thakur was especially funny because of his ability to land a solid punch line, even when delivered in Hindi. I think that comedy is one of the most reflective arts of our society, so watching an Indian comedy show gave me great insights into the nuances of Indian culture; their celebrations and their struggles.

On Sunday, we visited Juhu Beach and Bandra. There we shopped, ate delicious food, stopped by Shahrukh Khan’s ginormous house, where a multitude of his fans waited anxiously to see a glimpse of him, and lastly we stumbled upon a Marati wedding procession!

If I could describe this weekend in one word: MAGICAL! Totally and completely magical, and full of those little things that truly make it all worth while.

– Vero

Varun Thakur, Comedian and actor

Varun Thakur, Comedian and actor


One thought on “The Things That Make It All Worth While

  1. Thank you for posting a picture of Mr. Thakur! PS I would have challenged your professor that it is just the opposite: to decide to live is to embrace all that is pain, hardship, unfairness, and joy. Thank you for your blog!


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