Behind on Blog Posts

Every day here is so action-packed that by the time I get back to the hotel I barely have the energy to crawl into bed to do it all again in the morning. That being said I am two blog posts behind. The following are thoughts I typed up while preparing for our music video shoot.

I am not a dancer. When I first learned of the India trip I heard that we would be producing a Bollywood music video rather than performing in one. I figured we would do yogi and learning to dance, but I never figured we would be performing.

But none of that matters tonight because all 12 of us will be dressed, made-up, and placed on set to perform the song and dance that has been drilled into our heads these past two days.

Our first day at Whistling Woods happened to land on a workshop day. There were lesions on everything from costume design to sound and dance. I wanted to attend the visual effects workshop, but the time overlapped with the Bollywood Dance class we were scheduled to attend. Not wanting to go off on my own, I followed the group to the dance workshop. The dance studio was packed with people (much like the rest of the city) as we all looked to the front of the class in an attempt to mimic the coordinated movements of our instructor. I am not much of a dancer, so my accuracy was low, but I thought nothing of it. At the time I thought it was only for fun. After it was all over I was exhausted and exhilarated.

When the music stopped we were introduced to our instructor, Sanjeev. We were told he would be the one teaching us our steps for the music video.

We all showed up to Whistling Woods the next day for our first day of school. The morning began with a bit of yoga. By the time this is all over we are going to be very flexible. After yoga came lecture, and after that we went to dance. We met up with the Sanjeev. He told us we’d be dancing to Lunghi Dance.



What followed were two intensive days of dance lessons. I am not much of a dancer. I say this having taken dance lesions before. A semester of ballroom dance sophomore year went to show me that I am not great at remembering steps. What worried me more than not being able to remember my steps is the extra energy required to make them look good. Every step requires ‘energy’ and ‘attitude’, which I am short on because most of my focus is on trying to get the steps right in the first place.

Because I am not a dancer I do not know all of my steps. We begin shooting at 6 tonight and continue until 6 in the morning. It is going to be a long night. It looks like everybody knows their steps but me, and I am worried that I am going to be the one ruining takes. I am having real doubts about participating in this music video. When this is all over I need to get myself a mango and some sleep.


One thought on “Behind on Blog Posts

  1. The mango and sleep sound like good rewards! Every single participant said the very same thing that you did: “not much of a dancer” and “can’t remember those steps” with the general thought of “gonna be messing this number up!”. I was thinking how interesting it is to have people comfortable behind the camera have to get in front of the camera: yikes!!! But good yikes!!! When I saw the pictures I wondered “why Mexican men in an Indian video?” Hope you enjoyed the mango and the sleep! Thanks for not going off on your own and for the time and energy given to your blog.


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