Survival Week

Dancing with Delhi Belly

On Thursday night, I started to have a fever and fell asleep. When I woke up on the next day, my stomach felt uncomfortable and I kept going to bathroom. I realized that Delhi Belly has started. Delhi Belly is a common illness affecting traveller’s tummy, and it was more miserable than what I had expected. However, I was more worried about Lungi Dance than Delhi Belly because it was the day of shooting. Along with Delhi Belly, I was even hard to walk but I didn’t want to give up dancing. It was my first time learning choreography of Indian music, and I think there would be no more chance to shoot with awesome crew in Whistling Woods International (WWI). Therefore, I left the hotel to WWI at 3 p.m., and we all had a rehearsal for the shooting. Until the rehearsal, I did not feel anything special about the shooting since I’ve done a lot of shootings as a TRF major student. However, when everyone started to wear costumes and have make ups, I realized that this shooting was very serious, and it was my first time not shooting but being shot. The shooting started at 8 p.m., and Delhi Belly kept bothering me. Surprisingly, it stopped temporarily as the shooting went on, so I could continue to be on the shooting. I would like to describe the shooting was mad. Right after the first four hours of shooting, everyone fixed his or her make up, and we all changed into different costumes. We then went to the shooting for another four hours. Regardless of the long hour of shooting, most of people seemed to be not tired but energetic. We finally ended the shooting with freak movement that made everyone to dance like crazy. It was 4 a.m. when we went back to hotel. I was extremely exhausted so I went to bed right away. However, during the shooting, I didn’t feel tired and even forgot my Delhi Belly because I enjoyed every moment of the shooting. I’m glad that we successfully finished the shooting and looking forward to see our first music video being edited.

Day off

Since I was okay during the shooting, I thought my Delhi Belly had stopped. However, when I woke up in the morning, I again continued going to bathroom and I suffered from Delhi Belly for the entire day. Thus, I had to stay in the hotel and rest while everyone was having fun in downtown. It is always the best to prevent an illness in advance during the trip. Otherwise, you have to waste the time on the bed until you become recovered.

#Simple Tips for Delhi Belly

1. Avoid raw food (except fruits) and tap water

2. A fever means the beginning of Delhi Belly

3. Take pills

4. Drink a lot of water

6. Banana is a good option

7. Prevent it in advance

Exotic India 

My Delhi Belly finally stopped on Sunday morning, so I was able to join the trip to Juhu Beach and Bandra. Juhu Beach is surrounded by the Arabian Sea, and many Bollywood stars live near the beach. While travelling, I love visiting beaches because each beach in different countries has a unique atmosphere. Ranging from boys playing cricket to the stores selling snakcs, Juhu Beach is vibrant. We stopped at the store selling sweets and ordered a variety of Indian slush, smoothie, and ice cream. I love sweets so I wanted to taste all of them, but my tummy wasn’t ready to have something cold. Hence, I had to skip the sweets looking tasty and headed to Bandra for lunch and shopping.

On the way to Bandra, the bus stopped in front of an apartment, and everyone got off. The apartment seemed to be a place for neither lunch nor shopping. However, Mark led us to the first floor of the apartment, and there was a hidden place named Fab India. Unlike Lokhandwala Market where we went first for shopping, Fab India had more trendy clothes and also sold organic products of cosmetics and food. I strongly recommend Fab India to any travelers interested in fabulous items representing India.

After binge shopping, we went to the restaurant named Candies. It is a casual dining place selling both American and Indian dishes. Along with exotic dishes, the interior in Candies is eye-catching: the restaurant is built in spiral shape, and its wall was decorated by pieces of glasses in different colors. I ordered lasagna, chips, and chocolate cake that I could taste home. As I picked up my food from the counter, I went upstairs to find the seat. However, the stairs seemed to be endless, and I went all the way up for sitting. The food was nice, and the view of Bandra from the top of the restaurant was amazing.

Many Indians believe in Hinduism, but there is a small portion of Christians living in Bandra. Therefore, villages in Bandra were exotic and charming. The environment of Bandra reflects the diverse society in India, and I’m looking forward to visit more places like Bandra.



One thought on “Survival Week

  1. Oh, I hope that you feel all better now. How smart you were to sit out and rest when you did. You tell your story so nicely; I’ve enjoyed your time in India! Have fun and choose your food and drink carefully.


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