Dogs. Dogs. Dogs. Dogs. Dogs.

This post is about dogs!

This past week, we put our lungis down and danced our way over to documentary town.  The #SUBollywood crew broke up into three groups to each create a documentary for a specific NGO.  Aaron, Tyler, Veronica, Nate, and I chose to work for WSD India, the Welfare for Stray Dogs with the assistance of our mentor, Mark. 

After getting an overview of documentary filmmaking from the faculty of Whistling Woods on Monday, we journeyed to Town on Tuesday to meet with the owner of WSD and form a greater understanding of the organization’s goals and expectations for the film.  We quickly learned on our commute to the office space that the trains in Mumbai do not stop for anyone, but luckily the animal instincts in Veronica, Mark, and me kicked in and we made the train. 

We began shooting in the streets by our hotel on Thursday and got a very solid amount of dogs panting and sleeping under cars.  Later, we went to Versova and were able to get more dynamic shots and snag a quick interview from the owner of the Tribal Route Store about his four adopted street dogs. 

Today, we started off the day with a relaxing yoga session at Whistling Woods and then ric’d over to Versova village where there were many a dog and many a smell and many a human.  It was a beautiful experience mastering the art of communicating without speaking with the village people and being invited into their village with smiles and waves. 

Here are a few of the frames from the past two days of shooting, enjoi!

Image Image




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