Stray in Bombay

As we move into the second leg of our journey we move from popular Indian cinema to the art of documentary filmmaking. Our group has been split into three film crews to work on two separate nonprofit organizations that help improve Mumbai. My groups organization is The Welfare of Stray Dogs, they work on reducing the stray dog population while also attempting to change the publics perception on the city mutts. Before 1994 Bombays main method of lowering the population of strays was euthanasia but this didn’t solve the problem because as soon as dogs were removed from an area more dogs would move in. W.S.D. took over in 1994 with a new technique, sterilization. With this new strategy the amount of strays in the greater Bombay area has gone from 500,000 to just 17,000.


After our first meeting with WSD we were shown a documentary that was filmed in 2010. It had decent production values but was a little cheesy (it was narrated by a voice claiming to be a dog). The head honcho told us what he liked/disliked about the short and gave us creative freedom on our project. After a short discussion we decided on going for a more serious expository documentary that could inform the public about how much good W.S.D. is doing while giving them a more professional look.

The schedule for shooting is going to go something like this:


First two days will be spent collecting B-roll of strays and Indian life.


On the third day (tomorrow) we will follow around a traveling veterinarian employed by W.S.D. as they treat strays by Churchgate Station in the old British side of Bombay.


Sunday we rest, Monday we have class and then Tuesday will be spent shooting at their vaccination centre, which was converted from Bombays old euthanasia center.


Wednesday we’ll get any shots we missed and edit.


Thursday we edit.


Friday we edit until our screening in the evening.


It’s all planned out and now we’re one third of the way done. Can’t wait to show the finished product.



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