Ginger Does Mumbai (and a special Lungi Dance preview!)

When coming to India, I knew there wouldn’t be that many white people, but I did not know that we are this rare here. We are so sparse that whenever people see us they stare and/or take pictures of us. It has actually gotten to the point that I just stare whenever I see a white person, and almost ask for their picture. Over the past couple of weeks we have been picked out of the group, pointed and stared at, asked to have pictures taken with us, and even for an autograph. Like I said, I was expecting some attention, but not THIS much. However, I’m sure me being a ginger with very white skin and lighter hair doesn’t help me blend in.

This was most apparent this past weekend when we went down to Colaba and saw the Gateway of India. While there I took a couple pictures of my own of the gate, but posed for several more with guys, girls, families, and other locals who wanted to get proof that they saw a real Gora (white person)! I just hope when the pictures were taken, they get my good side. Or that I even show up with the blaring sun reflecting off my translucent skin, which is now a slight pink but surprisingly have not gotten that sunburned. Thanks, Coppertone Sport High Performance SPF 80! 😀 (Freeze for product shot).

The more time we spend in India the more I notice it, but the less it affects me; now I just make jokes and shrug it off. However, it is quite obvious that beggers have a tendency to haggle us more than others and they literally follow us around. Sometimes the locals step in and tell them to leave us alone since we don’t know the language to do so ourselves, and they wouldn’t listen anyways.

All in all, sure it’s different being white out on the streets of India, but the time I felt the most white all trip was when we did the Lungi Dance, especially the rapping parts! Those Indian Dancers sure know how to shake their Lungis and we…tried…? Anywho… enjoy this video I am currently leaking as the first preview of the SU Bollywood Lungi Dance! (It’s a deleted scene…our timing may have been a little off…)


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