Narnia takes India

Outdoors and indoors, India is speckled with colors and stories. Each corner that we pass by on a rickshaw, taxi, or on foot holds inquisitive beauty. A lover of all things Baz and some things Wes, I became enamored with India’s walls and symmetrical architecture. Baz borrows the color and excitement of popular Indian cinema. Roaming the streets of Mumbai makes me see how such inspiration can come out of a turquoise wall and a gusher-red sari.

Below are a series of moments I’ve captured that momentarily left me enchanted in this magical world of Narnia part two.


This is on the way to a sitara’s slum and community. Sitara means star and I was geeking out that I found a star inbetween some buildings while walking there. It’s a jewish star of David, which made me intrigued and a bit reserved. I haven’t met any Jews here, leaving me to wonder my place as a Jew in this community.


Juhu Beach. So many colors on the walls and in the beauty that was the ice cream. Here is where I fell in love with the thought of having ice cream as a days meal. ALL THE ICE CREAM AND COLORS.


En route to the Abhyudaya school. Our documentary short took me and my fellow classmates on several journeys similar to Narnia. Surrounded by rubble and small wardrobe-like houses, the sitaras that our cameras followed find hopes and dreams and are happy in their community and life. This particular picture is of the Hostel at the Bhavan’s College. Here it’s like a dormitory for students.


En route to the store, Tribal Route. A store dedicated to handcrafted items solely of Indian artisans.


This picture is where I learned my love of distressed doors and walls. Lolz


At the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Super fancy, super beautiful, super Wes. Later, at the hair salon I learned that mahal means palace, so the hotel is kinda repeating itself… It was so beautiful and visually pleasing, I can’t even.

Why Narnia? Because Narnia is a magical place of escape from reality. These moments bring me to peace and showed me that there is escape everywhere and when it’s found in the present, you can appreciate life and the little parts of it so much more.

_MG_0145 _MG_0146 _MG_0328 _MG_0334




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