Only a few days left in Mumbai! This trip has been a great start to my summer and I’m both really excited to get back home and so happy to have had the opportunity to be here.


What I Love About India

Everyone that I’ve interacted with at both the Whistling Woods International School and the SP Jain/Bhavan School mentoring program (Abhudaya), as well as the people at the Sai Palace Hotel, have all been so kind, welcoming and accommodating to our needs. They’ve also helped us to learn about Indian culture from varying perspectives and to speak a little bit of Hindi.

While working on the documentary film, my team and I visited the homes of some of the children in Abhudaya mentoring program. Even though their homes were small and their families didn’t have much, they let in three American girls with a camera and microphone to speak with them, not letting us go without offering some kind of drink or food. It has been overwhelming to see such genuine hospitality! I’ve met beautiful people while here in Mumbai.

I am not a religious person but I’ve been reflecting on my spirituality for the past year. I love how connected most people here seem to be to what’s important in life. Since I’ve been in high school, I’ve spent so much time focusing on the future instead of the present and now it’s all about getting an internship, a job, money, security and prestige as opposed to peace and internal happiness. I have so much more of the world to see and to understand, but thank you India for this introduction. It has been fascinating to see what different people value across the world.

Also, yoga has nothing to do spirituality. Me during out mandatory (ugh) yoga class = sleeping on the mat

What I Miss About Home
Cold water
Wearing shorts when its hot
Non-paneer cheese!
Clean feet
Clean air
Washers and dryers
Air conditioning


What I’ll Take Back Home
As I’ve been in India I’ve seen and have learned a bit about humanity. I had initially thought that the poorest of the poor live in slums in India but the truly poor live on the streets, on the highway, and wherever they can settle. Something I’ve always thought about how we have no say in how we come into this world. We don’t choose anything about the type of life we’re born into but we all have to make do. I’m going to strive to just make the best of any situation I’m put into, because there’s no room and no time for missed opportunities or wasted moments.


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